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Rental reservations available Spring 2022

Riders come in all heights and biking experience. We'll make sure your bike is measured for comfort and safety before you leave the shop.


How do we do that?


First... we've put together a variety of new 2022 cruisers, hybrids, and gravel bikes of all sizes that allows us to get you on the correct bike for cruising in town, attacking the trails out of town, or something in between.

Second... all our bikes are serviced and safetied prior to every rental by a certified technician. Our on-site tech will make adjustments to the bars, brake levers, accessories, seat, as well as your helmet for your individual needs.

Bikes can be rented for full day or for the afternoon. Walk-ins accepted, however, reservations are a good idea if you would like a bike waiting for your excursion.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”


– John F Kennedy


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